Getting Started

How it works

In order to get started to use cowpay services you need to fill the following form and one of cowpay team will follow up with you.
Once your application has been approved you will get an email contains your initial login credentials used to login to the following 3 portals:

Read about staging environment here

Each registered merchant on our system has unique code and hash can be found in API Settings page, and they must be kept safe as they represent your identity, also they used to signature your payment requests

Payment Options

Cowpay offers the following payment options to ease on merchants to charge their customers

Credit Card
Pay At Fawry
Cash Collection

Payment Channels

Cowpay offers the following payment channels to ease your payment operations, and you could pick the one suits your business

Payment Links
Plugins & SDKs


Cowpay API introduces the native experience of the payment to enable merchants build customized payment services at their end

Using hosted payment links enable merchants to charge their customers without any development experience using three payment options

Plugins and SDKs

Cowpay also provides multiple plugins and SDKs to be integrated within your mobile or web applications