Migrating to V1

What's new in the V1 API version?

In order to make payments more secured we've released the current V1 API to replace the old API versions.
In order to migrate to the current version kindly follow the below guidelines carefully.

Authorizing your Charge Requests

Beside signatures, you will need to set an Authorization header contains a Bearer token you can get from your dashboard API settings page.

Removed Keys from requests payload

Both payment_method and merchant_key are no longer required to be sent within your requests as we will depend on the authorization tokens for recognizing your identity.
Also, we will detect the payment method internally for that it's not required any more to be sent.

Signature structure

The only change in the signature is you will need to remove payment_method from the concatenated string.

Card Payments

The API now checks if the card has an OTP applied authorization if so you will need to handle this step using cowpay OTP plugin by following the mentioned instructions here