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- How to generate signature?

Signatures are validation tokens used by cowpay to insure the identity of the merchant beside authentication tokens starting from API v1

- What is merchant_reference_id Key?

Cowpay requires a unique id for each charge request from the merchant as each charge request represents a separated order on our system. You can use numbers, strings or combination of both.

- How to get customer_merchant_reference_id?

Cowpay requires customer being charged id on the merchant system. It's value valid format is the same of merchant_reference_id.

SDKs & Plugins

- How cowpay plugins and SDKs work?

Plugins and SDKs are pre-built clients for our API, and they abstract some functions in order to work smoothly with our API.
To have a detailed look for each charge request it's recommended to read that request page on.

Account management

- How to go live within my account?

Your initial account status is staging which means no actual amounts being paid or charged based on your requests. In order to go live please contact one of our business team, and they will take care of that transmission.

- How to withdraw money from my cowpay account?

You can withdraw any amount less than or equal your available balance which calculated based on your older than 7 days transactions.
You can request a withdrawal request to your bank account of any mobile wallet. Also you can transfer money to others using their bank accounts or mobile wallets.