Using this plugin provides credit card and fawry payments inside your wordpress website

Integration Instructions


Click here to download the latest plugin version.

Install the plugin

In your wordpress dashboard go to installed plugins page then click Add New button and select the plugin .zip file.

Plugin Configuration

After installation in the same page find cowpay plugin in the installed plugins list and click settings button to navigate to the plugin settings form and fill the bellow fields:

  • Merchant Code: found in your api settings page in your cowpay dashboard click here to login to your dashboard.
  • Merchant Hash: found in the same previous page
  • Description: represents the payment name of your charge requests in your dashboard reports
  • Order Status: This one represents the order status after marked as paid

Callback URL

before saving the previous changes please copy the generated callback url from the plugin settings page and paste it in the callback url input in your cowpay dashboard API settings page.